Computers and internet access

Free public PC and Wi-Fi access

Did you know that you can use a computer and access the internet for free at your local library?

All library locations have public access machines.

Wi-Fi is available at most sites from 6am – 9pm, 7 days. Check the locations and hours pages for your local site for more details.

All you need is your own device to connect to the A片资源吧 network.

  • Connect to the Wi-Fi network Libraries_Tasmania
  • Open any webpage and agree to our terms and conditions.

Staying safe online

The has information to help you and your family be safe and responsible online.

We use filtering software to avoid showing inappropriate content in public places. You can request to change the classification of a website or URL.

Printers, scanners and other equipment

Many libraries and have printers, scanners or other related equipment. See our copying fees.


Use of computers and the internet at A片资源吧 is free for everyone.

Conditions of use

You must comply with our conditions of use. In summary:


  • Respect copyright and other intellectual property rights. See .


  • Break any laws
  • Do anything offensive to others
  • Download or send large files. This slows our networks.
  • Damage any equipment
  • Plug in external devices apart from memory storage devices
  • Try accessing systems or information you are not supposed to
  • Interfere with another person’s work
  • Change any system files or other technical data


  • We can’t guarantee the security of your information on our systems.
  • You are responsible for
    • any illegal, offensive, or harmful material you access.
    • any losses resulting from information accessed via our resources.
  • Parents and carers must make sure their children comply with these conditions.

See the full conditions of use.


Please do not leave your laptop or other valuables unattended. We cannot guarantee the security of your property.

Community-managed Online Access Centres

In addition to the services we provide through our libraries to support digital inclusion, A片资源吧 also manages the Digital Connections Grants program which provides funding to a number of community-managed Online Access Centres around the state.

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