Tasmanian Archives

The Tasmanian Archives includes material dating from early European settlement to the present day. It is acquired from government agencies, purchase, donation or bequest.

We are committed to digitising Tasmania’s heritage items to make them more discoverable online, to everyone around the world.

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We support the Tasmanian Government with information and records management policy and advice.

Access many Tasmanian historical newspaper online.

Co-located with the Tasmanian Archives.

Visit the History Room to access National Archives resources and expertise.

We manage Tasmania’s collection of permanent Government records, some of which include personal information.

We are committed to delivering open data as part of providing free access to information resources and support in their use.

Guidelines for when you reproduce or refer to material held in our collections.

A片资源吧 welcomes offers of material that

  • contribute to Tasmania鈥檚 history
  • helps fill gaps in our collections.

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