Copies from our collections

There are a number of ways to obtain copies of items from our reference, heritage and Tasmanian Archives collections.

Online copies

Download digitised copies from our website for personal use, for example . If you wish to publish or broadcast the copies, you must ask permission and cite the material correctly.

When you visit us

Bring a USB memory stick to take a copy of collection items for personal use, for free. You can take a photograph or use one of our photocopiers or scanners.

Mostly you can make a copy in person, unless:

  • You are breaching
  • The material is fragile 鈥
  • There are restrictions on who can access the archival material

Please check with staff.

Order copies and interlibrary loans

  • , including reference, heritage or archival items. This includes audio-visual materials such as archival films. Fees apply. Your orders help add to the number of digitised items in our collections.
  • from another library, for example the University of Tasmania Library or the National Library of Australia. Reference loans must be viewed at A片资源吧 branches, while copy supply is direct to your email. Fees apply.

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